When your needs go beyond the book.

Look to us to provide guidance and support.  Services can support leaders "end-to-end" - from assessment and planning all the way through complete implementation.  Services can also be focused on less extensive, but very high leverage, engagements.  Because every journey of change is unique, services are always tailored to fit the nature of the organization or community and the challenges it faces. 



Common Types of Change

We can support leaders in a wide variety of changes, for example mergers, changes in technology or core processes, structural or role changes, leadership style or changes in organizational culture, rapid growth or downsizing or very specific improvement initiatives.

Sometimes only one or two elements of an organization are affected and need to be re-aligned.  Sometimes a redesign of almost the whole organization is required.  Most often, the reality is somewhere in-between.

Examples of Consulting Services

Planning with a senior team ahead of a major journey of change to ensure that they are ready with a complete set of strategies to lead the journey in the most effective and efficient way.  This is usually where leadership can achieve the best return on an investment of time and money.

Intervening when an organization is stuck or in trouble to turn the effort around as quickly as possible in order to stop the losses and start gaining the benefits. This can be quick and simple or it can be more involved, but it is always high leverage and the results can be striking.

Supporting a strong leader with a questionable or weak leadership web around him or her. This is, unfortunately, not a rare occurrence and usually plays out with a successful beginning that either hits a wall at some point or deteriorates over time. Most of the time these scenarios can be turned around, but they rarely do so on their own.

Working with the Core Leadership Team or key teams essential to success. The Core Team is at the center of the leadership web and, thus plays a critical role. Sometimes it is the senior leadership team and sometimes it is a new team designed to lead the change.  Supporting that team early is a very effective and efficient strategy. There are often a few key teams that are also critical to success. Supporting them at specific points can also be very high leverage. 

Coaching key executives or managers in playing the leadership roles and executing their strategies can be highly effective, particularly in fast-paced environments or on journeys of change that are very challenging. We coach only in the context of leading journeys of change. We are not developmental coaches, although a good deal of management and leadership development can happen naturally through the process of leading change.

Orientation and Training - They are Strategies

Orienting people about what to expect on the journey of change, how the journey will be led, and what they can do to influence their experience and the outcomes can be the difference between having a critical mass of victims and resistors or a critical mass of effective leaders and followers.

Training that is targeted on specific capabilities, groups and outcomes is highly effective, particularly when people can apply the capabilities quickly to relevant challenges.